Its time to put you first....

Are you feeling overwhelmed and need some more organisation in your life, do you need a personal cheerleader to support you in life or business?

3 years ago, I was really was not confident at all just could not step out my comfort zone. This made doing business extremely hard. In network marketing, you really have to be yourself.

When I did parties, I had the confidence I needed because I did not know anyone, but that took a while to build.


On social media you have so many eyes looking at you that you know…that is the scary part. You need to convince people that you are authentic trustworthy & likeable, to do this you need to step out of your comfort zone trying different things that may feel uncomfortable.


I started my journey very overwhelmed full of anxiety and not the real me.

I have worked on myself nearly everyday

 to become the person, I am now.


This is not something you need to do for a long time every day before you know it it becomes a habit, and you do it without even knowing.

positivity becomes second nature; you avoid negativity or find ways to raise your vibration when needed.


I am extremely excited to be able to help so many other women on their journey.


To finally be free, free of anxiety-free of overwhelm, organised, full of confidence and living their best life.


the law of attraction works in such a wonderful way, you just need to believe you deserve it and the universe will serve it.


If you believe that you deserve it maybe the universe brought me into your life.

Heres the ways you can work with me

Miracle Manifester Membership

Become a member of a community where you will finally feel like you fit in, weekly lives from me.
LOA & Mindset help and support
Monthly master class with workbook
Monthly live coaching session on this months masterclass
Monthly live intention setting session

Planning workshops
Meditation & Eft downloads
Guest Speakers 

And much more

From £22.22 a month

Focus Session

Find out how balanced you are in each area of your life, and set a goal and affirmation for each area of your life.

The way I do this is with a method called the wheel of life.

We look at each area of your life in detail and score it out of 10.

Then look where you want to be in that area.

Find your focus, set your goals, manifest your dreams 

Mindset - Personal growth - Business - Finance - Social/Media - Relationship - Universe - Health


Mindset - Money - Manifestation

 12 x 60 Min sessions

Working on your you, your life your goals, how we can use

different tools to achieve them and how

we can move forward breaking down

any objections that come your way. 

Covering - 


Money mindset 

Manifestation / LOA  

Meditation & EFT




Time management






Energy draining






Ending with an action plan session so you have

all the tools you need to take away with you