Stepping out of your comfort zone

When I hear these words it scares the life out of me.

Like who really wants to step out of their comfort zone? We feel safe and comfortable in our comfort zone, the first steps if that fear zone that we all dislike... we lack confidence in the areas that challenge is to stepping out, finding excuses not to do it, changing out mind, letting people down just so it doesn’t happen and mostly... be effected by the opinions of others!

if you pass the fear zone you will make it into the learning zone! This is where you begin to make a new comfort zone, deal with any problems & challenges and start to learn new skills...

this is where it starts to feel good and you start to see the benefits of stepping out.

And that’s it you will then enter the GROWTH ZONE 🙌🏼 this is the aim, where you find your purpose. You set new and more fulfilling & rewarding goals.

You can start to conquer the objectives in your way and start to live your dreams!

Its time to get out and create the life you truly deserve!!

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