Stop what you are doing

Stop what your doing... close your eyes...

Breathe in for 3... hold for 3... out for 3... and do that 3 times...

Be in the present.

What are you grateful for?


Tell me 1 thing you want to achieve this month?

What difference will this make to your life?

Close your eyes again...

And yes breathe...

Imagine the 1 thing you wanted was already here...

Where are you?

Whos with you?

What are you wearing?

How are you acting?

How do you FEEL?

Hold on to that feeling for at least 17 seconds.

Lets get on the same frequency of the thing you are wanting to manifest (do the above as often as you can.

Create an affirmation around what you are wanting.

I am...

I have...

I do ...

I feel...

I listen...

I focus...


Set your affirmation to your wallpaper on your phone etc

If you have a alexa / google home set it as a reminder.

Make your affirmation into a little song.

Make this thing YOURS act like you already have it.

BELIEVE you already have it.


And this is how you manifest

Love & Positivity... Carly x

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