Do you have a morning routine?

Now the kids are back to school today “yipeeee” if you have been a home schooling mama you may need some help getting back into the routine!

I know I will do!!

Heres all the stuff I love to do and will be slowly getting myself back into!

Wake up before the rest of the family…

Spend this time with yourself… Self care, have a lovely cuppa.

Pop onto you tube and watch a video of someone that motivates you.

Morning motivation – Morning mantras – Inspiring Affirmations.

Grab your note book and write down your affirmation & gratitude (more about these tomorrow)

Time to manifest!!

What one thing you want to achieve in your life in the next 12 months?

Close your eyes…

Visualise walking into your life 12 months later when you have all you wanted…

What do you see?

What do you hear?

Who are you with?

BUT Most important… How does it feel?

The biggest thing about manifesting is feeling it. Feeling what it would feel like to be in that place right now… Believing that you deserve to have this thing.

Enjoy it!

Remember you rule the day don’t let it rule you!!

Love & Positivity…

Carly xx