Is manifestation real?

Well, il let you decide that...

I started to put the Law Of Attraction into practice this time last year, it took me time to make it a habit...

I struggled at first, did it for so many days and lost my mojo.

I remember thinking, why am I stopping when I know it works??


On what... thinking positive? Really?

I had a negative mindset for so long it took time to turn it positive, so if you're

in that place don't worry you can turn it around so fast...

Wake up, pop reminder on your phone or Alexa etc to remind you...

What are you grateful for?

What are your affirmations this month?

My Alexa goes off every day at...

10:10 - I am successful

11:11 - I've got 10 grand in my bank

12:12 - I am amazing

1:11 - I am healthy

I repeat them 10 times when she reminds me.

I change them each month.

So once I knew manifesting really worked the habit started to stick...

Heres what I manifested in just 1 month...

£10,000 income

A merc (not a company car)

Ted Baker bag & purse (and 2 more since)

A team growth that was totally unimaginable (from 24k to 139k)

5 1:1 clients with amazing results

An amazing family holiday in August with no issues.

So many new connections that have turned into amazing friendships...

And prob so much more, I’m just a new me!

When you really put your mind to it you can have anything you want!

Join me for mindset Monday over in the Miracle Manifesters Society...


I will be recording a free beginners guide to the LOA masterclass that I will be sharing out to download very soon!

Jump on the wait list here....

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