Introducing the Miracle Manifester shop

Back in October I asked Shannon Wood (Working mama) to design me a mug for a competition. The mug arrived and it was beautiful so we made a few designs and then me a phone case. Which then turned into T-shirt’s, hoodies and we thought that would be it...

My 5 year old who’s into LOA wanted a hoody for herself with her favourite quote “Think positive“ the EM collection was then born!

Shannon as been a colleague and friend for over 8 years now and does every single bit of my design work I have. So I knew she was the right person to help me with this project!!

Before we knew it we was sharing ideas and pictures and many voice notes.

And we have our own little shop!

The miracle manifesters shop,

we sell LOA & Positive Quotes items! Top quality made to order!

If you love the LOA or have a mini me, to take a look at our amazing products!!

I am so grateful for Shannon and how much she as done!! What a fantastic collab we have done!!