Do you believe in yourself?

When your looking at your future and wondering what you should do and when, do you make those decisions yourself? Or look & listen to what others say you should do?

In the past I’ve been so turned by other people opinions, ideas and goals. Turning me away from my own, thinking that my own idea wasn’t good enough, and guess what?! Ive ended up doing my own idea in the end as it just sits with me so much better.

This is the same with goals & dreams.

If someone tells you what your goals & dreams should be, you may go for them, but the passion just isn’t the same... you know why?

Thats exactly it... WHY

Their why isn’t your why, and your why isn’t theirs...

WHY this goal?

WHY is it so important to you?

WHO are you doing it for?

WHO will this goal make you be?

WHEN you have achieved this goal how will YOU feel?

So in conclusion...

Believe in yourself, make your own decisions, create your own dreams... As that’s what creates the fire in your belly!

Go grab them dreams girl!

Carly x