Declaring Your Way Through Manifesting

So today I wanted to share with you a few bits about following through with manifesting...

Many people who have tried manifesting in different ways and different forms think that manifesting is only about visualising and meditating. Of course, those are important parts of the manifesting, but so are other crucial techniques.

When it comes to manifesting, there’s no holding back. If you want what you want to show up and appear, you have to do the work. Once you get the hang of all the techniques, you will be able to manifest with ease and grace and in no time flat.

Make a Declaration

Once you have the hang of quieting your mind and letting go of all the noise and the clutter, and you have taken on the practice of visualising and feeling your way through your manifestations, it’s time to share it with the world.

There is something strong about the power of telling someone on two levels.

You have accountability now

Once you have declared your manifestation, it’s no longer a secret. You are now accountable for making every effort to having that manifestation come to life. Have you ever told somebody that you were going to do something and then met up with them later on and were asked how you made out? Didn’t it feel awkward to have to tell them that you didn’t follow through?

The power of declaring something is so powerful because it creates a boomerang effect. You get to share something with someone and you get to follow through.

You’ve put new energy out there

When you declare a new creation, you can do so with excitement and you get to put amazing energy attached to your new declaration. Once that energy is out into the universe, your new affirmation or manifestation will take off.

Write it Down

Some people think journaling is a way to release emotions or negative feelings, but writing things down also make them concrete if they are done in a positive light. For example, if you write down a business plan or an affirmation, you increase the rate at which you manifest.

For example, write down a dream of yours such as, “I will be a successful ______ by such-and-such a date" and watch as the magic of intention written down on paper begins to unfold right before your eyes.

Everything will conspire with you to create the life of your dreams.

Use Your Vision Board

Lots of people think that a vision board is only for pictures. This is not the case. A vision board is wonderful for making declarations. Write down your biggest dreams and aspirations on your vision board and let the magic happen. By using the power of speaking something, you speak life into it, as well.

Imagine writing in your journal that you will become a successful entrepreneur by a certain date and then backing that up by writing it down on your vision board. You are now speaking your dreams to other people and releasing it into the universe at the same time you are putting it on your vision board and surrounding yourself with intention.

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