Can you really change your mindset and start again?

My current mindset is new to me.

The last 2 years as changed how I see things, thinks, act and react.

In 2017 I decided I needed to make a change, my anxiety had change the person I was becoming... BUT I stepped in before it ruined me.

Daily I did these new things to help change my mindset.

1- Create a morning routine that works.

2 - Plan my day, week, month, well my whole life.

3 - Listen to my body, rest when I needed to.

4 - Meditate, when and as I felt it, but make sure I did it at least 4 times a week.

5 - Keep on top of things, don’t leave tasks until the last min.

6 - Manifest - follow my 10 steps to create abundance in life.

7 - Eat healthy, and exercise (even if it’s just upping my daily steps)

8 - Take time for myself, have a nice bath every day. Make it special.

9 - Have fun, laugh smile and enjoy your life.

Doing these things as often as I could really make me feel good, it helps me know how I’m feeling, concentrating on my energy levels. And knowing when something drops my vibration how to raise it.

Over the next few weeks il go into each tip in more detail.

Have a fantastic week!

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