Are you an energetic match for what you're manifesting?

Did you know that manifesting isn't just about being positive 24/7, getting rid of any beliefs about it... it's all about getting onto the frequency of actually living life with whatever it is being there already.

You have to get onto the same frequency of it all...

It's easy to say "I earn 10k a month" as an affirmation...

But it's about feeling it...

How would you feel if someone deposited 10k into your bank right now?... Yes, it's about the FEELING you would get...

If you struggle with it try this... Close your eyes, imagine having 10k in your bank...

What are you going to do, imagine the excitement you feel, who you would tell, what would you spend it on etc...

You need to feel this for at least 17 seconds and as many times a day to get into that match.

Here's a few visualisations all depending on what your manifesting.

Where would you go on holiday if you could go anywhere?

What's the min you want to be earning a month?

So imagine... getting that amount in your bank every month, or times it by 12 and imagine that whole amount for the year.

Imagine being in the arms of a loved one in a happy relationship.

Imagine being in the fitting rooms in a store trying on clothes in the size you want to be.

Imagine holding that newborn baby in your arms.

Imagine passing that course & receiving your certificate.

Imagine day 1 in your dream job.

Imagine the first drive in your dream car.

Imagine getting the keys to your dream house.

You need to visualise these things for a min of 17 seconds, do them for longer if you can.

Get in with the feelings as much as you can, you may cry that's normal I know I do!

There will be info this week on my beginners guide to the LOA 3 day workshop for march over in my group -

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