This is how I became the woman I am today

Hey lovely, I wanted to tell you my story,

the bit that got me how I became who

I am today, back in 2016 I fell pregnant with

my second daughter, it was a rough pregnancy,

I was physically and mentally drained due to

having a two year old daughter and also

suffering with  hyperemesis gravidarum, I had

no energy and lost nearly 2 stone whilst being



​I just didn’t feel myself; this took a toll on my

relationship with my partner, my business wasn’t

going amazing as I wasn’t giving it the full

attention I needed, and the money wasn’t

covering everything it needed to. When we

argued I started to hyperventilate, which led

to me starting to have panic attacks. They

didn’t happen very often but when they did

 the were bad. I was unsure where this had

come from, but being out the other side of

things, I have put this down to the stress

and worrying about the baby as she was

underweight due to me not getting enough nutrients into my body as I was being so sick, I was also worrying about money and my relationship with carl. I gave birth in august and she was just perfect and ended up being quite a big baby.


But this is when everything changed. She was 5 weeks old when me and my partner separated for 6 months and I was stuck on my own with a new born and a toddler - life was hard. I really didn’t feel myself, I started with palpitations, and a nasty gut feeling in my chest, the feeling of worry, this resulted in the panic attacks occurring more and more often and I became an overwhelmed working single mum of two. It was really difficult, and it soon affected my mental well-being and my business. I struggled to get up, be a mum, run a business and plan my days. I lost my motivation and my sparkle. I became a huge procrastinator, doing the small jobs and putting everything else off. I tried to explain to family, but no one knew how I really felt, how low I actually was.


I spoke to a friend about it all and she suggested I may be suffering with anxiety. Something I had heard so much about, but I linked it all with social anxiety and didn’t believe it was what I had. So, I started to research it all including the symptoms and it was everything I was feeling. I went to see a doctor who diagnosed me with anxiety, I was given citalopram to help ease it off, which it did for a while so then I self-referred myself for cbt therapy.


I was happy to speak to people as I knew that was the only way I could get help. 

Whilst waiting to be seen by someone, my anxiety plummeted, I woke up with it, it was there all day, no matter what I did it never went away. I thought I would never get out of the hole I was in; it’s was so dark, and I lost who I was .I finally got to see a therapist, she was amazing and introduced me to mindfulness, this wonderful thing which I had no idea about.

This was a whole new world to me, and when I realised how much it could help me, I went in headfirst. I found myself a coach that focused on mindset and women in business, I was taking in everything I could, filling my mind with positivity,  practicing mindfulness every single day. I went on her courses, watched all her videos, she inspired me so much.


I was taught how to become focused and less overwhelmed by setting goals, planning my days, weeks and months... Oh and a newfound love for meditation and crystals. I woke up daily and created a to do list to stop me from feeling so overwhelmed and anxious.


I wrote in my journal on a morning and learnt how being grateful helps with your mind and anxiety, I do some form of exercise 4 times a week and meditate every day. something just clicked and it became my passion, I started to help my team out give my friends and family tips on mindfulness, I became a new me.


 this led to me finding out about the law of attraction & manifestation, something I could no longer live without. Knowing that I could manifest the life I truly deserved was absolutely magical. I then started to follow more and more coaches who specialised in mindset, business and anyone who I could see value in, I went on courses, watched training and read lots self-development books... Oh ok audio books.


After 4 months this totally turned my business around, my mind was in a good place, and I had taught my team to look after their mind too. Two months later I decided to speak to my therapist and wean myself totally off my medication.  

I now use mindfulness techniques to control my anxiety.


Seeing the extreme change that mindfulness had on me, it made me want to help other women rewire their mind like I did with mine.


I became an accredited coach n feb 2020 now I’m also a LOA coach and a EFT practitioner. This journey changed how I look at everything in my life, and now I am a mindset & manifestation coach to help overwhelmed female entrepreneurs unleash the positive mindset they need to run a successful business & manifest the life they truly deserve.

In the June  of 2020 I manifested £10,300 plus gifts I had been manifesting too.

Since then every month as just been amazing, Money, gifts, new car, new products, courses and clients!

I have totally turned my life around and I want to help as many females turn their life around too. I mainly do this via my miracle manifesters membership which is full of amazing like minded women, for just £22.22 a month.

But please remember you really do deserve your dream life!!

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